Tuesday, February 3, 2009



So you decided you want to get a butterfly tattoo but there is so many different types. There may be a lot of different versions of butterflies but you have to understand that there is going to be people that already have a tattoo with that butterfly on it so you are not getting a very unique tattoo. When looking for a unique butterfly tattoo design you have to incorporate some of your own personal ideas in with the design as well or you will not be able to create a very unique butterfly tattoo design.

Butterfly tattoo designs are fairly easy to make but a lot of people have a butterfly tattoo already. Some guidelines you should think about before deciding what to get your tattoo of, and where to get it please remember:

- If you are getting a closed wing butterfly tattoo designed on you, you are best to get it on your upper arm or lower leg. This spot is more preveiling.
- If you are getting a open winged butterfly tattoo designed on you, you are best to get it on your lower back.
- Butterfly tattoos are mainly for females (Sorry men!)

Also, remember that a butterfly tattoo has to be unique or you have the same thing as everyone else. Butterfly tattoo designs tend to be fairly small instead of enlarged and do not usually go into very fine detail although some may be bigger or part of a bigger piece of work.

Butterfly tattoo designs may also be found in various tattoo galleries and some are specified to a butterfly only section or female tattoos section where you can find some fairly creative butterfly tatto designs although they are not unique.

If you really want a unique butterfly tattoo designed then you should think creatively or talk to a tattoo artist and give them a few ideas, show them a few tattoos you really admire and hopefully you can collaborate with the tattoo artist to create a tattoo that is both unique and something you truly love.

So if you do decide to get a original tattoo that is very popular like the normal butterfly, try to add something creative to it so that the tattoo is very unique because we don't want everyone going around with the same tattoo styles

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